Record a promise made by you or someone else
Share the promise with friends or supporters
Check in and share progress updates

Why use PromiseLocker?

We think that promises are more likely to be kept when more people know about them, so we created a simple way for you to record, track and share promises online. You can record your own unique promise, join a challenge or record a promise made by someone else.

Personal Promise

Make your own promises and record the goal and end date. If you like, share on Facebook and Twitter to let your friends know about your promise so they can support you along the way.

Join a Challenge

Want to get fit or improve your lifestyle? Join one of the challenges created by our experts and you'll quickly be on a path to a new you!

Public Promise

Hav you heard someone else make a promise? Perhaps your friend or boss, a politician or a celebrity? Record their promise and share with others so together you can keep them honest.