What is PromiseLocker.com?
PromiseLocker.com is the place for everyone to record and share their own promises and promises made by others.
Do I need to login to use PromiseLocker?
You can browse PromiseLocker without logging in, but if you want to record your own promises or comment on, share or like other promises, you will need to log-in using your Facebook details.
How do I record a promise?
Click on the 'record a promise' button and choose Join a Promise, Personal Promise or Public Promise
What is Join a Promise?
Joining a promise lets you choose from a list of promises that other people are undertaking. It's a quick and simple way of setting a goal. Simply choose from a list of popular promises, select how often you will perform the task and the end date and then click 'Record Promise'. If you cannot find a suitable promise to join, try a Personal Promise. You can also browse other people to see how they are progressing with the same promise.
What is a Personal Promise?
A Personal Promise is a promise that you make yourself e.g 'I will lose 5 kilograms' or 'I will pass all of my exams this year'. It is fully customisable you can promise anything.
What is a Public Promise?
A Public Promise is a promise that has been made by someone else e.g a politician or your boss. To record a public promise we require that you enter some evidence that the promise has been made eg. a link to an online news site. This ensures that we only have valid promises on PromiseLocker and people can't just make stuff up.
Can I record a Public Promise for anyone?
Yes, provided that they actually made the promise and you can provide some evidence of the promise. We have included the details of many well known people in our database so you can select them from the dropdown when you create the promise. If you cannot find a name in the list, simply type it in.
How Do I Report a Promise?
If you believe a promise is offensive, inaccurate or has violated the PromiseLocker Terms & Conditions, you may report it to us by clicking on the 'Report a Promise' button. If you think that a Public Promise could be updated or expressed more clearly, you may wish to leave a polite comment for the person who recorded the promise.
How Can I Follow a Promise?
To follow a promise, just click on the 'Like' button.
How Can I search for promises?
To search promises you can use the search bar at the top of the promise page or select from the list of tags on the right hand side.
Can I use PromiseLocker in any country?
Yes, we have designed PromiseLocker to be used anywhere in the world, for every type of promise. We suspect that we may be banned at some point in countries like North Korea where they don't appreciate the free flow of information and making public officials accountable. If it did happen, we'd actually take it as a compliment.