If you've arrived here, you've probably had a quick look around PromiseLocker and want to know a bit more about what is under the hood. If you have a specific question, try our FAQ's

PromiseLocker has three core functions, let's call them Look, Share and Record.


Go ahead, have a look around and click on things. Clicking on a promise will show the promise in detail. You can see who recorded the promise, when it was recorded and the progress so far. If the promise has a numerical goal there will be a graph to show the progress. Click on the name of the person who is the subject of the promise to see other promises made by that person. Click on the name of the person who recorded the promise to see other promises recorded by that person.

It's worthwhile at this point to talk about the difference between public and personal promises. A personal promise is a promise that you make and record yourself e.g. 'I will pass all of my exams this year'. A public promise is usually recorded by a person on behalf of the person who made the promise, such as a politician, celebrity or sports star e.g. 'Barack Obama promised to win the next election'. On a public promise the people who made the promise and recorded the promise are identified separately.

On the right hand side of the homepage you will see a list of tags or categories. Click on any of these to see promises with those tags. You can also use the Search box to search the content of the promises. We will be improving this feature all the time.


It's nice to share, so we have given you lots of tools to play with. You will need to log in via Facebook to use most of them. We will add log in via Twitter and other accounts soon. If you like a promise, go ahead and 'Like' it. 'Liking' is similar to 'Following' a promise and will also ensure that you are alerted when the promise is updated.

There are bound to be many opinions about promises and we want to hear yours. Use the 'Comments' box to add your encouragement to friends who are striving to achieve their goals or provide your opinion on a public promise. Please keep your comments constructive and polite.

Click on the 'Share' button to share your promise or any other promise with friends on Facebook


You will notice that there are three options:

Once you have chosen the type of promise you will begin to enter details of the promise. Each detail you enter helps to define the promise and how you would like to manage it over time. If you are unclear about what any of the fields mean, click on the tooltips '?' for further explanation or look at some promises that have already been recorded. Check that the promise 'reads' correctly and is grammatically correct. Do a final check of your promise and then click 'Record'. If you are not already logged into Facebook, you will be asked to do so. If this is your first promise you will be asked to accept some simple permissions from Facebook. You will then see the promise in its final form.

Now the fun part! Now you can share the promise with your friends on Facebook who can then 'Like' it and Comment. They can also share with their friends.

You can edit the 'Comment', 'Tags' and 'Reporting Frequency' at any time. If you think that you have really stuffed up the creation of the promise and want to start again you can delete it up to 7 days after you have recorded it.

We will send you a reminder email to submit a progress report and a notification will also appear on Facebook. Use this as an opportunity to update the promise and show what has been achieved.