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Tony Abbott: promised to double the existing annual rate of small business growth if elected to 1.5 %

Abbott made the pledge at the Menzies Research Centre Small Business Round Table hosted by CPA Australia this morning.

"If elected a Coalition government will aim to double the existing annual rate of small business growth. There is no reason, no reason whatsoever, why we should not be able to achieve an annual growth rate in the number of small business of 1.5%," Abbott says.

"This is what the Howard government was achieving but unfortunately the Labour government has not come close."

Abbott says the rate of small business growth in Australia has "reduced dramatically" under the current government.

"We will restore the rate of growth of small business because we understand that small business is the engine room of our economy," he says.

Abbott says if the target of 1.5% growth can be achieved Australia will add more than 30,000 new small businesses each year.

Progress Reports

10/03/2014 California is growing at 4%. I suspect Australia is well behind. Where are the stats Tony?
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04/03/2014 Large businesses are shutting down at a rate of knots. Perhaps Tony will achieve the goal by turning big businesses into small businesses :(