Sally Cusack: promised to not eat all the chocolate while zoning out in front of the tube.

One minute it was all there, the next...gone.

TagsBe a better person, EntertainmentCreated On6 Jun 2013
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Recorded BySimon Cusack

Progress Reports

30/06/2013 She made it, came close to breaking it a couple of times but in the end she did it.

20/06/2013 Another zoning session and an equitable distribution of chocolate was maintained, awesome.

15/06/2013 Managed to watch Madmen and not have all the chocolate scoffed, success!

13/06/2013 She has survived one night where we had chocolate and she hasn't scoffed the lot. Lets see if her resolve stands strong.

11/06/2013 Still holding strong...

09/06/2013 There has been a couple of zone sessions but no chocolate with which to test here resolve. Will have to remedy that situation soon.