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Bill Marmion: promised that a re-elected Liberal Government will continue to provide the highest possible protection to Western Australia's unique marine and terrestrial landscapes by creating one of Australia's biggest national parks and the country's second-largest marine park.

Environment Minister Bill Marmion said the Liberals would create Wanjina National Park in the Kimberley, stretching from Walcott Inlet in the south to the Lawley River in the north and the Great Kimberley Marine Park. 'The Class A Wanjina National Park will provide the highest level of protection to the internationally recognised environment, rock art and cultural values, including the Wanjinas themselves,' Mr Marmion said. 'Depending on final negotiations, the park will cover up to 20,000 square kilometres ' that?s 2,000 square kilometres bigger than Kakadu National Park. 'It will not only protect the distinctive Wanjina rock art, but some of the Kimberley's most spectacular destinations like Mitchell Falls, Kings Cascades and Pitta Gorge. 'It will also protect more than 500 species of plants and more than half the mammal and bird species found in the entire Kimberley region, including the threatened northern
quoll and Gouldian Finch.'

Progress Reports

04/03/2014 No action yet, but a question was raised in parliament on 14/5/13 regarding ongoing mining in the Wanjina Park.
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