Final Report Due

Kambi Hubbard: I promise to complete 66 days of 6AM Club: 20 mins workout, 20 mins planning, 20 mins motivation

My husband and I have been motivating each other to both literally jump out of bed at 6AM SHARP every morning, for 66 days straight. 20 mins workout, 20 mins planning our day, 20 mins listening or reading something motivational together.

TagsBe a better person, Build strength, Fitness, LifestyleCreated On11 Oct 2013
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Progress Reports

11/11/2013 We are still ROCKING our 6AM Club commitment - today is day 42! For our workout portion we have been doing planks, adding 5 seconds every day. Today we completed 5 minus 20 seconds :-)

07/11/2013 Today is day 37, and we're still on track!!! We are officially over the 1/2 way mark of 66 days of 6AM club - Woop! Woop! Our daily "holy hour" from 6-7AM is proving very effective. I am feeling much more productive, the physical activity gets my body going, plus I am LOVING the approx 30 mins we spend together reading Eckhart Tolle, Anthony Robbins and other motivational leaders.

28/10/2013 On day 27 today, and still going strong! I have more energy during my day, plus am prepared to take on anything, as my day is already planned out by 6:20am :-)

12/10/2013 I've learned to get my workout clothes & hair elastic ready to go the night before, as it's not fun trying to find stuff in the dark when half asleep! I am starting to understand what Robin Sharma means about needing to make your daily actions into a ritual. Wow, I feel much more precision is what I choose to accomplish every day.