BOB KATTER: promised that his Katter's Australian Party would run a candidate in every seat at the federal election and contest the Senate in every state except for South Australia

However, Mr Katter scotched talk he would run for the Senate, confirming that he would recontest his seat of Kennedy. Mr Katter appeared at a press conference with the party's Queensland leader and Liberal National Party defector Ray Hopper and the KAP national director, Aidan McLindon. ''Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely, absolutely, absolutely, absolutely,'' Mr Katter said when asked if he planned to run in his western Queensland lower house seat of Kennedy.He said while he had considered a run in the Senate, it had ultimately been decided he would stay in Kennedy.

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Progress Reports

15/09/2013 According to his party's website, Katter's Australia party endorsed a total of 79 candidates for both houses, well short of the every seat commitment he gave. He also fielded 2 senate candidates in SA despite saying he wouldn't!
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06/08/2013 Website is calling for nominations. I guess this means they have some gaps to fill?
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