Kevin Rudd: promised that he will never support a spill motion against a sitting Labor prime minister

"I will be adhering absolutely to the statement that I gave the Australian people and parliamentary colleagues," he said. "I take my word seriously. "I therefore suggest to all and sunder across the party and the government that we unite and ensure that Tony Abbott does not simply walk into the Lodge as if it's his own personal property."
"I have been pretty consistent in terms of my views of the Labor party leadership, most importantly the way that the Labor party conducts itself," he said.
"I restated my view again that I will never support a spill motion against a sitting Labor prime minister. "Julia Gillard will remain prime minister after this meeting."

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25/06/2013 On Wednesday night, announcing he would stand again, he said: "I do not seek to fudge the fact but I have changed my position. I have simply given you the reasons today that I have done so. I accept full responsibility for my previous statements on the leadership and I will leave it to you, the good people of Australia, to judge whether I have made the right call." Or simply, I made a promise, I broke it!
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06/06/2013 Kevin Rudd appears to have overlooked the promise he made in 2013 in favour of a more vague promise made in 2012.
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04/06/2013 Just over 3 months to the election and Kevin is still true to his word