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CLIVE PALMER: promised to Ausralians

At Palmer United Party: We stand for:
*Reduced taxation
*Elimination of carbon tax
*Emission Trading Scheme
*Tax-rebate to help all families.
*More jobs
*Less crime
*More funding to our schools & Universities
*Ban on paid lobbyists in politics, saving taxpayers millions of dollars.
*Creating Mineral wealth to contribute to the welfare of Australian community.
*Revising current refugee policy.
*Bring a 'real change' in government to develop family-friendly strategies.

So lets support this 'Revolution' to bring 'real change' that will help the struggling families by your Vote 1 to Dr Balasingham.

Don't be fooled by Labour's or Liberals poor policies and sell Australia in the hands of Foreign Powers.

Vote 1 to Dr Balasingham of Palmer United Party and to bring about a Real Change to Australia

"My Pledge to Australia"
Free Healthcare system for all.
Free essential Dental Care for All.
Free Education with an emphasis on Character and Value Development, encompassing of various religious ideals, and supports various languages.
Stimulate economy through various means and Reduce unemployment to Nil.
Improve Public Transport System and make it more attractive and affordable to all.
Improve usage of Clean and Renewable energy by better and attractive rebates and incentives.
Improve care of the elderly.
Improve the social values through Public Media.
Establish an exemplary Nation that is based on the principles of Love, Right Conduct, Peace, truth and nonviolence - for the rest of the world to follow.

Following Should be under the white line where my photo is :

I want every Australian family to be able to afford the cost of living.
I have one desire in my life- to make our world a better place to live for all human beings and
May all the beings in all the worlds be happy & live together in harmony

Dr Balasingham is a General Practitioner with a passion for making a real change for a better Australia.
His motto is Lets make this world a better place for all beings.
"Help all the Human Beings to meet their basic needs - Food, shelter, education, healthcare needs and to create an ideal society in the world."

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