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Andrew Forrest: promised to give away half of his wealth either during his lifetime or after his death

The Forrests have become the first Australians to join 105 billionaires who have signed up to The Giving Pledge, which requires signatories to commit half of their wealth to philanthropic causes and charitable organisations of their choice.

They join Virgin founder Richard Branson and David Sainsbury, a descendant of the founder of British supermarket Sainsbury's in making the pledge.

In their pledge letter, the Forrests say they were fortunate to grow up in Australia, which they describe as "a wonderful country, whose people share a deep desire to help others less fortunate."

The Forrests say they made the pledge with the "love and support of our children" and consulted with them on the decision to give away so much of their inheritance.

"With laughter we read on a physio's wall a caption: 'Those with the most toys when they die, still die.' How true," they write.

Progress Reports

04/03/2014 He's still kicking and still rich!

15/10/2013 It's not half his fortune yet, but $65 million for UWA is a great start!
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