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World Anti-Doping Agency: promised that there would be no amnesty for footballers caught up in the drugs in sport scandal

THE boss of the World Anti-Doping Agency has ruled out an amnesty for footballers caught up in the drugs in sports scandal. Instead, John Fahey has told any player who's taken banned substances or is worried they may have should come forward. "The penalty might be significantly less than waiting for them to come to you," Fahey said. "Six months doesn't destroy a footballer's career, two years might." "They've now got the incentive to take it into their own hands, if they know they were doing something wrong, even if they are not sure, talk to ASADA."
Mr Fahey said an amnesty was not the solution because Australian authorities have all the investigative powers they need.
"There's no reason why you'd even consider it," Fahey said.

"There is no provision now, we'd have to change the code."

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21/10/2013 Still not talk of an amnesty
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28/07/2013 NRL is talking about an amnesty but WADA still not keen
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