The PledgeWidget from PromiseLocker has been developed to enable any website to offer their users the ability to make a pledge and share it via social media.

Pledges can be a powerful way to positively engage users with your site, however most online pledges simply record a name and that's the end of the interaction. The PledgeWidget automatically shares pledges via social media and regularly re-engages pledgees with the pledge to increase its longevity and viral potential.

All elements are provided as iframes for you to incorporate into your own pages. All text appearing in the pledge and in emails can be customised according your specific pledge.

The PledgeWidget automatically displays profile photos of people making the pledge and shows users which of their friends have also signed the pledge.

Key Features

We have developed to show how various pledges could be implemented on your website. Everything that appears on this website can be simply integrated into your website pages with the minimum of effort.

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